Sindhi High School

Class 10 champions shine bright! 🌟🏆

SINDHI HIGH SCHOOL, KK Road, is thrilled to announce the outstanding performance of our students in the AISSE, Class 10th examinations for the academic year 23-24 . Our school takes immense pride in the remarkable achievements of our students, reflecting their dedication, hard work, and the relentless support of our faculty and staff. We express our deepest gratitude towards parents and guardians for their unwavering encouragement and support.

An impressive overall pass percentage of our students showcases the commitment and determination of the school towards academics.

Top Performers: We congratulate our top performers who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess and have secured top positions in the examinations.

Subject-wise Performance: Our students have excelled in various subjects, showcasing their proficiency and understanding across diverse academic disciplines.

We are confident that our students will continue to shine brightly and make significant contributions to the society in their future endeavors.